Action so smooth and smart it gives
you a sense of flying. Control so easy
and simple that you learn in five minutes.
Get into the outdoors in a spirit of play.
Know the blood-tingle, the exhileration, the
vigor that comes with NERACAR riding.

Men and women, boys and girls, ride in
any clothes.   Broad mud-guards keep off
dust. No bar to straddle -- step in from side.
Feet on ground at start and stop.

Low and light.   Wonderfully steady and
easy to handle because the weight, approxi-
mately 175 lbs., is centered close to the

  • Simple, safe and trouble-proof in any -
  • body's hands.   3 - speed friction drive, shifted
    by convenient lever, enged and disen-
    gaged a quarter turn of left grip. - no
    gears or clutch.

    35 miles an hour.   Takes hills smoothly.
    85 to 100 miles to the gallon.   This makes
    motoring cheaper than street cars.

    Explore your country on a NERACAR --
    ramble along new paths and trails inaccessi-
    ble with ordinary vehicles. Enjoy the woods
    and streams.   Take this handy little car
    along on your vacation.   Ride it or express
    it and have it waiting for you.

    Write for descriptive folder.
    204 So. Geddes St., Syracuse, N.Y.

    FULLY    EQUIPPED   --   NO    EXTRAS !

    225   Price includes 2 Electric Head Lights,
      Tail Light, Luggage Rack and Tools.

    Replica of a 1927 advertisement in National Geographic magazine.

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